Organisational Diagnostics

Each option provides you with an independently written comprehensive report detailing findings, analysis, risks and recommendations.

Organisational Wide

A comprehensive diagnostic review process. The output report can be used by Senior Management teams to inform thinking in relation to strategic planning and corporate trouble shooting. It examines and reports on all areas of your organisation. This approach can be used to assess one or multiple organisations.

Cultural Due Diligence

An approach which focuses specifically on assessing your people from a cultural perspective. Can be used to assess multiple cultures to inform merger, acquisition and integration planning.

Talent Management

Assesses your corporate wide approach to managing talent. This assesses your end to end talent processes and looks at it from a strategy, capability, understanding and ownership perspective.

Learning & Development

Assesses your corporate wide approach to Learning and Development. This assesses your learning and development function in relation to what development you deliver to your people. It examines organisational learning needs across the entire hierarchy, looks at how you resource and deliver learning against leading practice and standards.

Customer Service Diagnostic

Evaluates your organisation against recognised criteria, enabling you to make informed decisions. This approach can be used to support planning and delivery of customer service improvement initiatives or to evaluate the impact of existing interventions.