Performance Management

Developing your managers to have performance related conversations including providing feedback, motivation and guidance.

Corporate Approach

Many organisations are choosing to shift away from traditional HR models and cycles. It’s becoming recognised that methods that were once considered fit for purpose are not having the desired effect, resulting in huge costs and effort trying to get them to work successfully. This all too often has a negative impact.

The next generation of employees have a different set of expectations in how they are managed. The next generation of Leaders and Managers have different views and attitudes in relation to the Performance Management system they are being asked to adopt.

This creates an opportunity for leading organisations to capitalise on this opportunity by introducing new ways of working, aligning the system to employees expectations and thinking about Performance Management differently.


We start by assessing your corporate wide approach and system. This assesses the end to end system and processes and looks at it from a strategy, capability, understanding and ownership perspective. You then receive a report detailing findings, risks and recommendations.

We can then build your corporate wide implementation plan, this will consider transitional arrangements from where you and your people are to where you need to be. The opportunities and strengths that exist within your organisation form the building blocks for the process.


Our specialists have studied techniques used across industries and in professional sports. Following many years studying what works and what doesn’t, we have distilled leading techniques and embedded them in learning and development programmes we deliver to commercial clients.

We will transform your performance by designing, building and delivering a development approach that will meet the needs of your organisation and people.

The techniques we use to deliver the learning will ensure your people understand the context, the system and techniques they need to use to drive success in your organisation today and into the future. Our facilitators and learning approach ensures the learning is transferred successfully to the workplace.